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Create a backyard oasis

Create a Backyard Oasis That Fits Your Budget

Patio season 2017 is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank achieving your own trendy backyard oasis. You can go all in creating a completely new patio using these trends or just pick up a few accents to make your patio pop this season.


Bring your living room outside


2017 is all about bringing the indoors out. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable patio chairs that have you second guessing your love of the outdoors. 2017 is all about comfort and relaxation, featuring furniture with large, plush cushions. Think living room couch remade with durable outdoor materials. Rugs are also moving to the great outdoors. Lay an outdoor rug down with your cozy outdoor furniture and instantly transform your patio into a welcoming outdoor lounge.


Budget tip: Keep your old patio furniture and just add large comfy cushions along with a rug to pull it all together.




Think bold, think fun


If you’re going to buy just one thing this patio season, bold and fun accent pillows are a must. Bright colours, bold patterns and printed pillows are everywhere. All it takes are a few accent pillows to make your patio picture perfect.


For all the party hosts out there, you can make an extra statement with your outdoor dinnerware. Carry the bright bold pops of colour from your pillows on to your table with beautifully bold plates, bowls, and cups.


Budget tip: All you need are a few eye-popping decorative pillows to make your lounge space trendy. If you want to spruce up your table set up, opt for a striking dinner set at each end of the table instead of buying a new set for every seat.




Eco-friendly, wholistic movement


The movement has spread into the backyard with people choosing natural materials in their furniture for an earthier outdoor lounging space. Wicker is loved this season for its organic woven appearance as well as the durable, lightweight materials it’s often made from, such as bamboo and rattan. If it’s in the budget and you have the room, a backyard fire pit is another essential in creating this earthy ambiance.


With an increasing importance being put on healthy eating many people are opting to grow their own veggies and herbs. These homegrown edible gardens add even more organic charm to an earthy backyard patio, so show them off.


Budget tip: Grow your own plants instead of buying pre-grown greenery. It does take more time, but there’s so much more gratitude in knowing you grew it yourself, and even more so when it’s edible!



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