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7 Questions You MUST Ask Your Realtor In This Current Market

Questions You Must Ask Your Realtor In The Current Calgary Market 

The current Calgary housing market is saturated with homes for sale, leaving buyers with plenty of options and sellers desperate to stand out amongst the crowd. In this buyer’s market, it’s even more important to choose a Licensed Realtor with an outstanding marketing package that will make your house the talk of the block. Here are the questions you should always ask a prospective Realtor, especially during Calgary’s buyers market.


Questions to ask your Realtor

  1. Are you licensed by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)?

A licensed or registered realtor is a must for quality service and legal protection. Under their license, they are committed to the Realtor code to follow procedures and provide professional quality service. Additionally, they have access to the Board MLS System which expands their reach in presenting your listing or in searching for the perfect one for you.

  1. What evidence does the Realtor use to support the home listing prices?

A credible Realtor will provide you with example sale prices of homes in Calgary and your surrounding neighborhood. They should have a valid explanation for every decision they make in regards to listing prices or offers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  1. How will this Realtor keep you updated throughout the process, is it transparent?

An exceptional Realtor will provide you with updates on what they are doing to sell your home. When entrusting such a large investment with a Realtor it would be difficult to go through the process in the dark only to be spat out on the other side without ever knowing what actually went on. Your home is special to you and you need a Realtor that is empathetic to the sentiment and nerves in selling and the excitement and nerves of buying. A Realtor you can trust is a Realtor that openly guides you through the journey by providing process updates, clear answers to your questions, and always stays in touch.

  1. What is included in the marketing plan?

In Calgary’s current housing market, you can’t just list your house and expect buyers to come flocking in – unless you’re willing to wait several months. In Calgary’s current buyers market, you need a Realtor that will market your house using strategic marketing techniques to keep your home in the eyes and minds of the buyers. Their marketing should include social media and online promotion which accounts for 31% of buyer’s initial point of contact, eye-catching and professional signage (6% of buyer’s initial point of contact), using networks to actively creating word of mouth traction (27% of buyer’s initial point of contact), and effectively advertising on the Calgary MLS home listing system to catch the attention of other realtors (32% of buyer’s initial point of contact). Ask prospective Realtors during their presentations to explain their marketing plan and how it will work for you in Calgary’s current market.


  1. What does the Realtor do to market themselves?

A Realtor, or Realtor team like Dolce, that has invested in professional branding and marketing will draw in more interest and foot traffic to all of their listings. Eye-catching signs, professional websites and a strong social media presence all increase the brand awareness of a Realtor or Realtor Team – which in effect increases the visibility of your home. Check to see how your potential Realtor is marketing themselves and their listings through these outlets. Does their website present their current listings? Do they promote their listings on their social media? Do their signs make you want to call? A Realtor’s personal marketing will help you decide how well they will market you.


  1. How many members are on the Realtors team?

A strategic Realtor team, like the system Dolce Real Estate has in place, ensures you have more people tending to your needs with professionals each specializing in a specific aspect. This strategic system increases the ease and effectiveness of your unique journey.


  1. Last but certainly not least – Connection and unspoken vibes

When looking for a Realtor ensure you find one that you feel comfortable with. Credentials are incredibly important, but don’t underestimate the value of a Realtor that you can comfortably confide in, ask questions to and most importantly, trust. We can’t stress enough how significant it is to be putting your investment into someone else’s hands – It’s a big deal. If you feel uncomfortable talking to the Realtor, if you have a sense of unease and chaos around them, or if you’re confused every time they talk then it’s probably not going to end well for either party. You are using a Realtor because you want the process to be easy, move smoothly, and be done right. A Realtor that you connect with will provide professional guidance, accurate documentation while giving you control, clarity and a sense of security. Take your time during the interview process to feel each Realtor out and choose the perfect fit for you!

Happy home selling and hunting Calgary!


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