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10 Unique Calgary Shops to Complete Your Christmas Shopping This year


We adore Calgary, and there’s no better way to show the love than by supporting Calgary based shops. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or starting to think of gifts for Christmas consider purchasing from local stores. Not only will you be supporting Calgarian’s, but you’ll also be able to fill yours and your loved ones homes with the most wonderfully unique treasures.

We speak from experience when we say that our out of province friends and family have been elated to receive a gift that was sourced from Calgary. A little something that none of their friends will have. Everyone likes to be the first person to have something ‘new’ and to be able to be the one to share the brand with all their friends.

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the dirty work scouting out shops and asking locals to divulge their favorite unique Calgary based shops that deserve more recognition.

Without further ado, here is the magical list:

1. Oxeye floral

For: Elegant creatives, home décor lovers, and fashionistas

You know how gorgeous flowers are, well imagine creating art pieces and prints for clothing and accessories out of dried flowers!

Their Story:
Taking an old-school art form and giving it a modern twist, Oxeye Floral Co. is a form of pressed flower art made into unique, one of a kind pieces. What started as a fun hobby collecting and pressing flowers, triggered an intense love of color, design, and art. Originating with the pressed flower Skull, Oxeye Floral Co. has grown to showcase a variety of images with a little something for everyone. Now available on pillows, tea towels, baby blankets, and apparel, we pride ourselves in creating captivating, detailed designs utilizing our passion for nature.



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*Cue ovary explosion* My 3 YO just used her bike to run over a bowl of Cheerios 6 times and didn’t break eye contact at all…. but good grief, how peaceful is this sweet little babe? {link for panda baby blankets in bio} 📷: @kararohlphoto . . . . . . . . #momlifestyle #motherhoodunplugged #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #inbeautyandchaos #our_everyday_moments #dailyparenting #motherhoodsimplified #mytinytribe #thepursuitofjoyproject #womeninbiz #womenwhowork #femalepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #femalebusinessowner #womenintheworld #womenwhodo #womenwithambition #dreamersandoers #creativechics #beyourownboss #bossbabetribe #businesschicks #lifeofanartist #womenwholead #buildingbossladies #createyourhappy #creativehappylife @preview.app

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2. Steeling Home

For: Everyone! One stop shop

From clothing, accessories, home décor, knick-knacks and more. This is the one stop shop for everyone on your gift list.

Their Story:

Steeling Home, initially, an artist-run co-op, was created in 1993 as a venue to showcase local work. When it first opened in 1993 on 11th street the focus was on creating hand-forged iron and steel – hence the name. Under the direction of the original artist, the store evolved to include a wide array of beautiful, interesting and practical wares/objects…to add wit and whimsy to a home, sparkle to a finger, books to keep you company. The store moved to its current location in 2009 and became part of Uptown 17: Calgary’s 17th Avenue shopping experience.



3. Collins St

For: Bohemian fashionistas

This one is a (brand new) gold mine for the bohemian fashionistas that want a closet of clothes that no one else has. Their bohemian culture is strongly influenced by Australian and LA Designers.

Their Story:
Collins St. was inspired for all of the rad boho babes, who can’t wait to find the next fabulous printed dress to pair with their killer leather jacket. You certainly don’t want everyone and their neighbour having the same piece and you are eager to find unique brands who cater to the even more unique woman – you!

Let’s face it – life’s too short to be boring and people are going to stare – so let’s give them something they can’t take their eyes off of!



4. Liz & Lottie

For: The lover of all things chic and one of a kind

Another gorgeous mix of fashion, accessories and home décor. This store slightly resembles the home and fashion section of Chapters, but with a wider selection and more unique pieces that won’t be seen in chapters.

Their Story:
Taking up residence in Calgary’s newest, oldest community known as the East Village, Liz & Lottie emulates the character of the women who inspired its inception: warm, fun, welcoming and always on trend. We pride ourselves on supporting our community and providing Calgarians with chic, one-of-a-kind quality products to accessorize their lives.



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✨ G I V E A W A Y ✨ We’ve partnered with our friends in real estate at @artleeteam to giveaway this awesome basket FULL of goodies! You could win a blanket scarf, a yummy chocolate bar, stainless steel stemless wine glasses, a bottle of rosé and a GOOGLE HOME MINI! . . . All you have to do to enter is the following: 1) Like this photo 2) Follow both @lizandlottieyyc and @artleeteam on Instagram 3) Tag the person you’re going to share the bottle of rosé with and use 3 emojis to describe your relationship 🥂🤡🥜 4) Tag as many people as you want in separate entries 5) Basket must be picked up from Liz & Lottie in Calgary 6) Have fun with it! . . . Contest runs from Friday November 21st to Monday November 26th at 6:00pm MST so you have the whole weekend to meet new people 😉 . . . Stay tuned to both accounts for another giveaway in December that may or may not include Flames tickets 🙌🏒 . . . #yycgiveaway #yycshops #yycrealtor

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5. Salt Water Tea

For: Crystal energy enthusiast and unique jewelry lovers

Before you say, I don’t like tea… This is not a tea shop, it’s jewelry! At the moment it’s only online, but it is still owned by a Calgarian. The owner, Nicole, had a brick and motor location called greater goods but she decided to close up that shop. Nicole creates dazzling pieces using healing crystals.

Their Story:
I opened up an etsy shop, started taking my jewelry to local markets in and around Calgary. By 2015, Salt Water Tea was a full-time job.  Everything is handmade in my home studio – I specialize in affordable, stylish, gemstone jewelry and crystal infused candles (natural soy candles with gemstones hidden inside!). SWT pops up at markets and shops in Calgary, Edmonton, and BC (and we hope to add more to the list soon!)




6. The Livery Shop

For: The trendy outdoor enthusiasts

This store cleverly mixes their passion for the outdoors with stylish attire and cozy home accessories.

Their Story:

The Livery Shop is located in a historic building in the community of Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The idea of a workshop and showroom appealed to two local companies, CoutuKitsch Jewelry, and Camp Brand Goods Apparel, whose owners became fast friends on the local Calgary market circuit. In November of 2014, the four owners opened The Livery Shop inside of the old Livery Stable. What began as a showroom with a few items grew into a space that supports local artisans and brings in the best of the best independent brands that range from our backyard to around the world. We pride ourselves on the homey feel of our store and make sure everyone is welcome!



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We’ve got the coziest jackets EVER, I dare you to prove us wrong! 😏

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7. Reworks Upcycle shop

For: The eco-conscious

A gift shop that happens to also rent bicycles! You and your earth-loving friends will feel comforted by the fact that the products in this store are made from recycled material or promote eco-friendly reuse.

Their Story:

A Calgary owned small business striving to make lives more sustainable every day by offering local, unique and environmentally-friendly products to our customers. From great housewarming gifts to furniture, we focus on affordable products made from upcycled materials.

In business for more than six years, ReWorks is thriving and offers a great mix of American and Canadian made products, with the focus continuing to be supporting North American artists that turn what some would consider trash into beautiful repurposed items. Come and visit us at our Victoria Park shop in Calgary or shop online to see all the great items designed and manufactured locally.



8. Silk Road Spices

For: Cooks, foodies and Spice Lovers

You’ll find all the spices that supermarkets don’t carry at Silk Road Spices. Get cooking and spice recommendations from the helpful staff to keep your palate guessing. God bless the cooks in our lives.

Their Story:
We truly believe that its time spices were treated with the same attention we give to other ingredients. Coffee, for example, has come a long way in recent years – gourmet whole-bean coffees in a huge range of varieties are not difficult to find, and most people understand the benefits of grinding fresh. The same can be said for loose-leaf teas. But we haven’t yet taken those steps with spices. Almost everybody has a cupboard full of old, stale spices from the supermarket. When you’re taking the time and care to start a dish with quality ingredients, stale, pre-ground spices are not going to do the food justice. Good, fresh spices can take your dish from ordinary to incredible – the difference is truly amazing.

This is the starting point for The Silk Road.



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Changes are happening today. Full shop re-org in progress!

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9. The Sentry Box

For: Sci-fi and game nerds

The World’s Largest Game Store, and it’s in Calgary! You have got to check this place out. It’s Disney World for the sci-fi and game nerds in your life, and a must-see for everyone else!

Their Story:
With over 13,000 sq. ft. of display and gaming space in the main store and 6000 sq.ft. more in the Sentry Box Cards area, the Sentry Box is a mecca for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, or military games, books and miniatures. Under current ownership for over 38 years, we are now the largest store of our kind in the world with over 100,000 different game related items in stock (not counting CCG singles). We ship both locally and internationally. A fun fact is that as of Canada’s 150th birthday, Gord will have owned the store for exactly 1/4 of Canada’s existence as a country.



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Have you seen all our banners? #gameofthrones #harrypotter #fantasticbeasts #boardgames

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10. Bali and Beyond

For: The culture fanatic

This store has a ton of Bali made imported goods, from expensive one of a kind furniture to smaller items like meditation pillows, décor, and spiritual pieces.

Their Story:

At Bali and Beyond, we have gathered the best of the best Bali products, that will inspire spiritual growth, showcase your style, become the extension to you and your spirituality. Unique furniture and imported goods you won’t find anywhere else.





11. Pura Botanicals 

For: Essential oil lovers, and natural beauty appreciators

Okay, I know… this isn’t a Calgary based shop it belongs to our friendly neighbours in Edmonton. Seriously though this store is incredible, so much so that we had to make an exception for it. Every girlfriend of ours we’ve gifted their products has adored them, and we now have friends of friends asking if we could bring them back some products too!

Their Story:
Pura uses the finest natural, skin-friendly ingredients, and is free of everything else. All of our products are handcrafted with the most exquisite materials inside our pristine lab and apothecary in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – this is our vision of true luxury.



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