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Picture Hanging Tips to Boosts Your Homes Atmosphere

The placement of pictures plays a significant role in the tone and atmosphere of a room. Too high and the room becomes disconnected and cold, too low and the room may seem squished. To create the perfect atmosphere there are a few key things to remember before putting any holes in your wall.




Gather all the pictures you want to hang and arrange a layout you like by laying them on the floor or against the wall. Choose pictures that complement each others character and colour scheme.


Spacing and Centering


Generally, 2” to 5” spacing between photos looks the best. Pictures should always be centered to the furniture below them, not to the wall. If your couch is off centered, then the picture above it should be centered to the couch. Likewise, a picture or a group of pictures should be centered as a mass over top of a mantel or any other furniture piece directly below it.


Height Placement –  57” on Center Rule


The rule to follow is 57″ on center, a standard used by galleries that works wonders for almost all situations.


Step by step rule guide:

  1. Measure from the floor up 57” and lightly mark the wall with a pencil. The 57” mark is where the center of your picture will sit.


  1. Now measure your picture from top to bottom, and divide that by two to find your pictures center.


Ex) If our picture is 50” then half of that is 25”, therefore at 25” is our pictures center.


  1. Take that new measurement (the divided height of your picture) and measure up from the 57” mark by that amount. This is where the top of your picture should sit.


Ex) Since our picture is 50” and half of that is 25”, then we would measure 25” above the 57” mark on our wall to find where the top of the picture should be.


  1. Now you need to mark where your pinhole will go. Measure how far below the top of the picture the “tight wire”, or “hanging hook” sits. Subtract this “tight wire” / “hanging hook” number by the halved height of your picture (from step 3). This number is how high above the 57” mark your pinhole should go.


Ex) From the top of our picture to the “tight wire” / “hanging hook” there is a 4” space.  25” (our pictures half height) – 4” (distance from the top to our wire/hook) = 21”. Our pinhole will be 21” above the 57” mark we made.




57” + ½ pictures height – distance from tight hanging wire to the top of picture = Pin hole height from floor



Groups of Photo’s


When hanging a group of photos, treat them as if they have formed one picture. This is where we stress the importance of preparing how you want to organize your pictures before you begin placing holes in the wall.


Lay your pictures on the floor with the layout you desire, and measure from the base of the bottom picture to the tip of the top picture, then half that amount. That halved amount is where the top of the highest picture in your organized layout should be. This rule applies even if you have organized your pictures unevenly.



Exceptions and Above Couch hanging


Exceptions to the general rule come with the architecture of the room, furniture, and instincts. Keep in mind the smallest change in an arrangement can dramatically change the feel of the room. Placing photos lower when over a couch can create a cozy atmosphere, while too high can make the space feel cold and disconnected.


A general rule is to hang pictures 8” – 10” above the back of the sofa, with the artwork spanning at least 2/3 the length of the sofa. This can be altered for creative flair, but keep in mind the feel your arrangement creates. Photos larger than the couch will overpower the furniture, while a few small photos will seem lost.


Second Opinions and Tests


If you’re not following the 57” rule and are unsure about your placement, then ask for a second opinion. Take turns holding the pictures up so you can have a visual. If your home is up for sale the tone you create in a room with pictures will alter how viewers feel inside each room, and can impact their choice to make an offer.

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