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Top 10 Fixable Things That Turn Buyers Away at a Home Showing

Top 10 Fixable Things That Turn Buyers Away at a Home Showing


  1. Bath mats


Unfortunately, that fluffy mat you love so dear for drying your feet when jumping out of the shower is not as endeared by the people viewing your home. They see it as a perfect environment for mold to grow, and can’t help but envision a stranger’s wet feet. Hide the bath mat during home showings to keep prospective buyers excited about your home.


  1. Sticky door handles and dirty light switches


Have your ever been in public and grabbed a sticky door handle, or clung to a post to steady yourself on a public bus only to have it be sticky? If you have then you know how gut churning it is. People viewing your home don’t know you, or how adorable your candy-loving kids are. When viewers feel a stick, all they think is “ICK”! Make sure to clean all door handles and light switches before a showing to prevent the “ICK” factor.


  1. Dirty baseboards and carpets


A dirty, dusty baseboard may seem innocent but it could be deterring people from making an offer on your otherwise wonderful abode. When viewers walk through a home they envision themselves living in it, but a dirty baseboard and/or carpet is a reminder that someone else has been living there. Instead of imagining a delightful life in the home, they will find themselves fixated on the dirt and wondering about the past owners. Take some extra time to wipe down the baseboards and steam clean the carpets to keep home viewers focused on their life in the home.



  1. Dog poop in the backyard


You love your pup, but home viewers don’t love their poop. Dog poop is unsightly everywhere, most especially when it’s in the yard of a home you were thinking of buying. Leaving dog poop in the yard of a home you’re trying to sell is a big doodoo.


  1. Stinky fridges


Yes, home viewers open your fridge! They want to see what they’re working within the grocery storage department, but a stinky fridge could have them shutting both the fridge door and the front door too.


  1. Dirty ovens, and greasy hood fans


A greasy hood fan with that tasty layer of fuzz on it will have home viewers backing right out of the kitchen. If the home has made it past that inspection, then the oven will be the next. Food just doesn’t have the same appeal when it’s crusted and burnt alongside even older oven stains.


  1. Dusty ceiling fans


Not everyone will be able to look or feel the top of a ceiling fan, but a 1/2 inch of dust will be visible at the right angle… that is if they don’t make it rain on them first. Ensure you clean ceiling fans to keep a smile on your home viewers faces.


  1. Underwear on the floor


Unless you’re a celebrity on the “HOT” list, no one wants to see your underwear, and even then it’s still very iffy. No judgment, we all miss the hamper sometimes but ensure all rooms are clear of clothes and undergarments before a home showing.


  1. Food and cat litter smells and remnants


Your cooking may be master chef status, but not everyone has the same taste in food and a lingering dinner smell can quickly turn away a prospective home buyer. If you know you’re going to have a showing that day stay away from strongly scented meals, and maybe use a light air freshener for brownie points. The same goes for your beloved cat’s litter box. Ensure it’s clean and vacuum up the entire area surrounding the box, because stepping in strewn about litter can be just as unappealing as smelling the cat box itself.


  1. Toilets with that pink ring in the bowl


We all know what happens in that room, but no one wants to be reminded of it. Take some extra time to focus on creating a Mr. Clean approved toilet and bathroom to get the Mr. Clean approved smile from prospective home buyers.

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