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7 Most Common Conversations and Resolutions to Expect in January


The Holidays are full of emotions. Once we come out of the madness we’re most often enlightened with new passions, ideas, and goals that the Holidays have a special way of illuminating. As Realtors, we know all too well how the New Year can shift mindsets and bring to light new life journeys. Often these epiphanies come down to making a big change in one’s life, a change that usually revolves around family, health, loved ones and homes.

Here are the Top 7 Most Common conversations that come to light in January and the most common resolutions people make from them.

1. Honey, Our Family’s Huge but I Want The Be The Christmas Host Again Next Year!

A full house of relatives makes the size of your home very noticeable. When you adore being the host to your family gatherings this could be very stressful. When dining came around this year there was a lot of lap eating followed by kids buzzing around with boatloads of energy but no room to expend it.

As the great host you are, you want to make everyone feel at home but having to strategically organizing cots and air mattresses on your living room floor like Tetris could leave guests feeling less than rested. This conversation means you could be one of the plenty that choose to upsize in the New Year.

2. Honey, We Live Too Far From Family

As your Family grows so do the amount of Holiday events you may find yourself invited to. It felt as if you were barely home. In fact, you kind of regret taking out all the holiday decor because half of the rooms were never used let alone seen and now you have to spend a full day and a half packing it all up.

You spent most of your time driving to your kid’s homes for their holiday events, all during the terrible winter conditions. Your outer city home was nice when you had your entire family there with tons of helping hands and no Holiday traveling required, but now it’s become more work than enjoyment. This conversation inevitably means it’s time to right-size and relocate. A new home is awaiting you.

3. Honey, I Caught Baby Fever!

It’s kind of hard not to fall in love with little Sally and Little Joe when they’re all dressed up in their best Holiday attire and on their best behaviour for Santa! It’s enough to make you and your sweetie, GASP, want to start a precious family of your own! That one bedroom condo may not be a fitting home for much longer! During this time a lot of couples start making action plans for their future family life including budgets, timelines, and of course searching out family homes.

4. Honey, I’m Completely and Utterly in Love!

Your beloved partner blended so seamlessly into the family Holidays, from cracking jokes with Grandpa to helping prep the Holiday turkey with Mom. Nothing makes a heart beat faster than seeing your family adore all the beautiful traits of your significant other as much as you do. Come January you just know you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with them. You’ve spent numerous trips traveling back and forth to each other’s homes, but you can’t bare the thought of spending another night apart. It may be time to move in together or look at buying a place together.

5. Honey, Home just doesn’t feel like ”home”

Having seen all your friends and families lovely homes and their lovely neighbourhoods you realized you really just aren’t satisfied with your own. The resolution to this conversation is variable. Write down what you dislike about your home and what you wish you had to find out what the cause is. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is it the decor?

You could freshen up the interior! Hire an interior designer to offer a professionals eye, be it decor help or modern paint colour palettes.

Is it the location?

What community do find yourself most often? Where is your family located and do you want to be closer to them? Where do you work? Most people are most satisfied with a location that offers convenience. Most often this means a home within a 30-minute drive to their office and in a community that has all the amenities and businesses they most often frequent. If you need help figuring out what community is best for you to talk to your trusted Realtor, their profession is based upon a wealth of community knowledge. Most Realtors would be delighted to talk neighbourhoods with you. If you don’t have a Realtor feel free to give us a call, email or text!

Does it fit my needs?

Write down all the things you love about your home and all the things you would change. Sometimes the lack of a homey feel stems from the home just not meeting your lifestyle. If you’re still unsure after writing this list then talk to a trusted Realtor to discuss what potential homes are out there that will check off all your boxes.

6. Honey, It’s a New Year and a New Me

It’s Just Time For a Change! Sometimes the Holidays shine a light on all the things you just aren’t fully satisfied with, be that your romantic life or even your health. You know it’s time for a change, a BIG change. The resolution here is variable depending on what you want to improve. Write down what your goals are, make plans to get there, and then take action.

What’s holding you back from these goals so far?

Write down all the things that you want to change this year and what’s holding you back from obtaining those goals. Is your goal to finally get back into the gym? What’s been stopping you from getting there? Do you need an accountability partner? Is the gym too far out of the way? Are there any outdoor activity spaces in your area to go on your morning jogs? Are you living with roommates or loved ones that are less than supportive? Are there minor adjustments you could make, conversations to have, or could it just be time to move away from an unhealthy relationship and start the year on a new positive foot? 

7. Honey, I Want to Make More Money!

The holidays can definitely take their toll on your bank account. What are your plans to put yourself in better financial standing? Could you make a career upgrade or ask for a promotion? What are you spending on that could be put to better use? This conversation usually ends with a resolution to start a new career, work towards a promotion, spend more wisely and /or find ways to make passive income.

You could start making passive income today! Use the current Calgary downturn to your advantage by investing in Real Estate. Rent out the home/rooms for extra cash or keep all the space to yourself and start paying down your own mortgage rather than paying for your landlords. With all the competition bringing down home prices in this current market you could potentially make a significant amount of money when you sell down the road.

Use the start of 2019 to take an honest inventory of your life, your goals, and desires. Then figure out what the most beneficial next step will be. A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A Goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true!

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