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8 Tips For Staging During The Holidays

How To Stage For The Holidays

When it comes to selling during the Holidays many people ask how to stage their home while also taking part in the holiday festivities? You can still enjoy the spirit of the holiday spirit whilst being on the market! Here’s how:

  1. Subtle is Key

Staging is about keeping things clean and clear while making an (impersonalized) impact. Think Less-is-more. During the Holidays a few elements of cheer can enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere, but you don’t want your buyers to think they’ve mistakenly walked into a Holiday store.

Keep it simple. Try a decorative wreath on the front door, an elegant centerpiece on the kitchen Island, and other subtle touches throughout your home. If you’re really keen for the Holidays gain brownie points by setting out a warm apple pie during showings. The lovely warm cinnamon scent will wrap the home viewers in a comforting bliss.

  1. Accentuate the Features of Your Home

Use décor as a way to draw attention to important features of your home. Use a tall tree in your 2-story great room to highlight how large the space is or a trimming along the mantle to draw buyers’ eyes to the gorgeous fireplace.

  1. Work with your interior

Holiday trees are lovely but some decorations can make them, dare we say, tacky. To keep your looking stunning opt for colours that compliment your current interior. You want your home to be on showcase, not your décor.

If you have a predominantly neutral colour scheme stick to neutral décor. For example, a white tree with warm white lights and a subtle pop of classy silver or gold ornaments. Putting too much colour in an otherwise subtle room will draw attention away from the homes features and to the tree instead. If you have a more earthy or deep colour scheme opt for richer toned décor – think cranberry red, forest green, and gold.

While working with your interior, keep in mind tip #1 – subtle is key.

  1. Don’t Chevy Chase it

While Clark’s extravagant outdoor light spectacle made for a hilarious scene in Christmas vacation, it won’t make for as many delighted smiles from potential buyers at your home showings. Keep the lights and outdoor décor light and elegant. Skip the blow-up décor and instead opt for simple warm toned string lights to showcase the architecture of your home with a couple shrubs or a tree to enrich the late-night curb appeal.

  1. Keep it Generalized

There’s no telling who’s going to buy your home, they may or may not be of the same religion and they may or may not love your religious décor. There’s no telling. In this case, it’s just better to be safe. The best advice would be to tone down the religious décor for showings in an effort to create an environment that will resonate with everyone.

  1. Bigger is not always better

When it comes to trees, we often hunt out the biggest most full-bodied beauty we can find. This is all well and good if you have a large two-story great room but large trees do no favours for smaller spaces. Let’s learn from Clark’s experience in Christmas vacation – don’t go breaking windows with your excessive monster of a tree. (Who knew that movie could teach us so much).

When you’re hunting out a tree keep the size of the space in mind, the less floor space the tree occupies in a smaller room the bigger the room will feel. If you do have a large 2-story foyer or a great room then a larger tree can occupy otherwise empty space while amplifying the size of the room.

  1. Leave the Cold Outside

If your family is anything like mine, you grew up wearing layers of clothing both outside and inside during the winter months. (Pop’s liked to keep his heating bills low while putting our winter wardrobe to the test). Unfortunately, no amount of freshly baked pie could keep chilled home viewers feeling welcomed in a cold home. Crank that heat to a comfy level so home buyers don’t feel an instant chill as soon as they step out of their shoes.

  1. Holiday Cheer Bribes

Treat your home viewers like your holiday guests and encourage them to stay and enjoy themselves. Set out some warm goodies and hot cocoa or cider. They’ll take some time to sip their warm drinks, soaking up the comfort and features of your home while envisioning that being their new every day. Gain even more bonus points if you set the ambiance with some calming classical music.

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