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when is the best time to sell your home?

When is the Best Season To Sell Your Home?

Drum roll please…. It’s Winter/Early Spring, BUT why?

Common Misconception: Buyers prefer to buy in the Summer

Reality: Buyers Buy in ALL seasons

Buyers will buy in any season. When it’s time for a change they start their hunt – rain, snow, sunshine or tornado. There is no “season” to buy, and there is no “weather” to buy. As the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants. When a buyer wants a new home they will start to look. Buyers who are willing to trek through blistering cold winds and dangerously slick roads aren’t playing games, they are serious buyers. They’re kind of buyers you want coming to your home.

Common Misconception: The best time to sell is in the Spring/Summer

Reality: That’s when EVERYONE lists

Some folks will tell you that late Spring and Summer is the best time to list – the weather’s welcoming, the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. It’s time we let you in on a little secret. The warm summer embrace is an involuntary invitation for the neighbours to take a casual stroll down the street to size up your home. No, they aren’t looking to buy, they’re looking to sell and you’re their competition.

It’s all about supply and demand. If you list in the Winter/Early Spring you’ll beat your competition to the finish line. When listing you have to think of your home like a shop located in a mall of stores that sell similar products. If you get your new products out before the other stores yours will be seen first. Interested buyers will come to you. Competition will be low.

Be the first to list and sell your home and you get to set the going price for homes in your neighbourhood. If you list at the same time as a bunch of other homes you’re all competing to gain attention. You’re more likely to need to negotiate on price in order to match what the other homes are going for. When you list in Winter/Early Spring you beat the inevitable late Spring / Summer inventory surge and you’re the first shiny newly listed home grabbing buyer’s attention.

Common Misconception: The beauty of Summer will create the most interest in my home – green grass, blooming flowers and full trees.

Reality: Staging, marketing, and online visuals create the most interest

An easily-maintainable oasis can be an asset, but it’s not a make-or-break situation if buyers cannot see it in full bloom. More important than curb or backyard appeal alone is strategic staging, professional photos, and proper advertising.

Whether you’re listing in any season, you need to ensure your home is depersonalized and showing at its absolute best! Presentation is even more important in late Spring/Summer when the market’s more competitive. A home that looks uninviting online will rarely be seen in person. An interior that is too personalized will prevent buyers from envisioning their own life there. Strategic staging, professional photos, and proper advertising will be more beneficial in bringing in qualified buyers than an exquisite garden ever can. These three components, staging, photos, and marketing, allow your home to spend 73% less time on the market no matter the season! The Dolce Real Estate Group uses the highest standards to present your home in its best light. Summer greenery is not the be all end all in selling, it’s the initial online appeal and the emotional feeling inside your home that matters most.


More important than season alone is why YOU’RE selling. Sometimes the need to sell is for financial reasons, when you’ve been relocated for work, or if your family is expecting and has no more room to grow. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself what you want and need. The reality is, homes sell in all seasons and your needs trump above all. The best season will always be the season that fits your timeline.

We can provide a free evaluation of your home and a market update to help you weigh the pros and cons on when or if you’re ready. If you’re unsure about your options give us a call. No strings attached, we want to provide the clarity you need to make a decision you’re confident in. We’ll toss you the ball, the next play is up to you. Give us a shout.


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