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Dolce Digest June 2019

The Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us. The thermometer is creeping up and everyone is hot, and hopefully happy. Those dog days aren’t named for a warm pooch sleeping off the hot day in the shade, however. They’re named for the constellation Sirius, Orion’s dog chasing him across the night sky and bringing the heat of July with him.

Just as those astronomers watched a dog dash through the sky in advance of a heat wave, so can you. However, instead of watching the sky and learning its patterns, what if you watch the sky and chart your own course?

This July is the perfect month for planning. Some people use vision boards; some use a more modern app; some simply leave a few pages torn from magazines up on the refrigerator so that those ideas have to be acknowledged every time they open the door to get a snack. No matter what method you choose, please choose one.

Find the way that you best collect your ideas during these long, warm days. I’m talking about watch-the-clouds, dream big, isolate your deepest wishes for personal and professional fulfillment. Some of the best ideas are born out of doing absolutely nothing. Let the summer heat slow you down to stillness so that all you have to do is focus and see where your imagination takes you.

What better thing could you attribute to the dog days of summer than to look back in six months and observe how you planned your own path for growth back in July? With the need to daydream your best version of your life into existence, I hope that you find time to just sit and be this summer.

Best wishes to you on your path!


Nadine & Alicia

Your Real Estate Consultants For Life

PS. If you have someone who could use some time to sit in the shade and daydream, I hope you will pass this letter along to them and then share in their journey. We’d also love to hear about the course you chart for yourself! You can share your plan with us at info@dolcerealestate.ca or 587 229 7108.




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