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Back-To-School Tips for the Entire Family

Back to school season can be overwhelming. Shopping in crowded stores is almost a guarantee as your kids beg for the new “cool” school supplies, a request that’s hard to ignore because after all, you want your kids to be excited to go back-to-school. Then there’s the daunting clothes shopping because inevitably your kids grew 4 inches over the summer rendering their old pants capris. With all the back-to-school tasks headed your way, it’s best to get ahead of the game to keep your stress at bay.

We’re not here to butter coat it. We have kids – we know what the reality is, so let’s prepare for it realistically. Here are our tips to simplify back-to-school for the entire family.

Tip 1

Get back to sleeping routines

Begin your households school sleeping routine a week before school starts. Structure is very important to a child’s sense of security and control. Routines teach kids how to manage themselves and their environments. Every new school year brings a lot of change to your children’s lives, starting with a simple preparation like a sleep schedule helps them mentally prepare for the transition.

Tip 2

Meal prep

It may sound like a daunting task but you can make it a fun family activity. Work with your kids to plan out a weekly meal plan for the month of September.  Allowing your kids to have a say in the food they’re packed may make them more likely to enjoy it at school, and hopefully decrease the amount of uneaten lunch you receive when they come home each day. It’s also another opportunity for your kids to mentally start preparing for the upcoming school year, which in the long run will end up alleviating your stress as well.

Tip 3

Start an organized shopping list early

Have a Family List Day. Let your kids gather and organize their current school supplies as you organize your home office space. Let your kids make a list of everything they currently have and a list of everything they may need for school. As your kids work on their list you can work on yours.

Your kids can get rid of any pencils or pens that don’t work as you get rid of anything cluttering your home office space. This includes cleaning the junk drawer that no one knows about, but everybody has. As your kids make a list of new supplies they may need you can make a list of new supplies that will make your home office more productive during the school year.

Once your kids go back to school your focus is going to be heavily weighted towards dinners, homework, after school activities, and routines. By reorganizing your home workspaces now, and adding in new systems to increase productivity it will allow your work and home to run more seamlessly. Add your home office organizing tools on to the back-to-school shopping list to pick up all-in-one trip.

Tip 4

Create a homework station with your kids

A great way to get any kid excited about their upcoming year is to set up a workstation for them. Allow your kids to pick out a few items to add to their space to make it their own. Invite your kids to name this space as if it’s their company. Then after school, your kids can go to work at their company as per the company hours – otherwise known as there homework hours. It may even give you some time to sit down at your home office and finish a few last pieces of work before dinner.

Tip 5

Set Goals and vision boards

Have the entire family goal set and/or create vision boards for the year. This can be a fun family bonding moment and can build excitement for the upcoming year. Encourage your kids to set goals like making a new friend, talking to someone in class they haven’t met, making a certain grade in a class they struggled with in the previous year or joining after school activities.

As parents, you can create visual goals to get your kids excited about goal setting. A fun goal could be to save a little money each month to put aside for a March Break family vacation. Make a scale to track your progress and move the scale closer to the vacation “prize” as you get closer to the goal. Often times kids will gain even more excitement to continue moving towards their own goals as they see you working towards yours.

Did You Know:

Families often base the location of their next home on where their kids will go to school? As a result, homes in better school districts tend to have greater demand, a larger buying pool, and potentially a greater value.

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