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Dolce Digest February 2020

How Do You Deliver Love?

There are plenty of boxes and bags filled with sweets this time of year in just about every grocery store: elegant assortments of truffles, paper Valentines with attached lollipops for kindergarteners to share with friends, and of course, classic little boxes of chalky hearts printed with sweet phrases. Did you know that those little candies have been around since 1866?

It has been more than a few years since I exchanged Valentines with a group of friends in class, but I got to thinking about all the ways that adults deliver love. The single rose tentatively given by a blushing young gentleman to his crush develops at some point into a dozen roses presented at the apartment door on date night. Certainly, those flowers are signs of blossoming love, but what about the love that is delivered invisibly?

The moment when a busy parent suddenly stops in the middle of a sidewalk to tie their little guy’s shoes might just look like a quick interruption to a fast walk, but the gesture is full of love. The person who takes time to stop and chat with their elderly neighbour over the fence often slows down and smiles extra wide as they make small talk, peppering that conversation with sweet friendship and a bit of love. Every time a dog gets a new collar or a kitty is snatched up and plunked on a warm lap… love, right there.

When voices sing “Happy Birthday” in off-key harmony there is love in the air; each time volunteers turn up for a local blood drive or drop boxed goods into to a food donation bin; every time a treasured photo is gently dusted and put back in its place on the mantle, there is love in all of those moments.

Whether your Valentine comes in the form of a small card printed with superheroes and is ripped from a perforated sheet of similar notes, or looks more like a night out with friends that just happens to include a slice of cake with extra forks, love is in the air.

My friend, may you be surrounded by true love this February and throughout the year!

Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S.  This February is so cold! If you find yourself in need of a warm conversation, give us a call. Or, feel free to pass this letter along to an equally frozen friend and maybe introduce us to each other at: info@dolcerealestate.ca or just have them call me at (587) 229-7108


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