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10 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

10 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

10 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Whether you live in a big home or a cozy apartment you may have a few smaller rooms that you aren’t sure how to decorate. Here are a few tips to make the most efficient use of your smaller spaces and make them look larger than they are.

1. Make an impact 

Pull the attention away from the size of the room by creating impact. In a small bathroom, a fun tile will catch the eye before the size does. 

2. Choose Lighter tones

Dark colours absorb light, but light colours reflect it more. Light makes a room feel larger and lighter colours create a fresh airy atmosphere. 

3. Hide Appliances 

If possible, make your kitchen cabinets seamless with your appliances by “hiding” them. Built-in appliances appear to be cabinets but actually open to your fridge or dishwasher. This a tiny-kitchen trick that prevents the stainless steel from distracting the eye. They’re also quite common in luxury homes because they create a seamless design aesthetic. 

4. Furniture Proportions

Find furniture that fits. More space around and in between furniture creates the illusion of roominess. If your couch is touching both ends of your room it will look squished and make the room look tight. Consider more compact furniture, like a sleek chair over love seat over a large sectional.

Also, consider furniture with a low profile. Keeping furniture lower to the ground creates a feeling of more room simply because of the space above them. 

5. Let the Light flow

Choosing furniture that’s open, like a coffee table with legs vs a chest styled coffee table, lets light flow through. It creates a sense of openness and therefore roominess. 

6. Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of more space by reflecting light and the view effectively extends the room beyond the wall. 

7. Hide Clutter

If you’ve ever moved out of a space you likely realized the rooms look much larger once they’re empty. Keep your small spaces looking as open as possible by hiding electronics, and other “clutter” causing items in closed cupboards or storage. Everything must have a place, even if this means sneaking in hidden storage like an ottoman that holds content inside. 

8. Area Rugs & Defined Zones 

Area rugs work wonders for defining spaces, but they often also make a room look more compact. Depending on the size of your space they may not be a great idea. Although in a small apartment, the living area might run into the kitchen. This could make the apartment feel too small to be functional. In this case, it may make sense to compromise roominess in one area to keep the functional spaces defined. An area rug in the living room defines the function of the space and makes it cozier.

9. Ditch the drapes

Curtains can add more “clutter” to a small room. Opt for the retractable blinds that can be pulled up and blend into the trim. This allows more light to flow and eliminates clutter to the eye. 

10. Take advantage of nooks & recessed spaces 

A nook is another opportunity to use your space most efficiently. You can fit in extra storage or use nooks to extend your prepping space. If you’re a regular socialite you could create a mini bar area in a nook. 

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