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Dolce Digest March 2020

Little Green Frogs

A few years ago, I agreed to give my nephew a ride home from a camping trip when my sister’s car suddenly landed in the shop. Normally, I’m happy to help out with a ride or a favour for friends and family, but I’d slated that particular Sunday afternoon for doing some work around the yard and was secretly a bit grumpy at having to step away from my peaceful day outside. The last of the heavy snows had left the ground soggy, but all the signs of Spring were in the air and I genuinely wanted to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the solitude of nature.

When I got to the campground, I had to park a ways off from where my nephew and their group had set up their encampment. As I walked over to their site, I heard the rushing of water and loud, boyish voices. I approached them and asked what they were doing at the creek. Excitedly, they all clamoured about a huge group of frogs that they had found, little ones, hopping all over the place in the cool afternoon by the water. Mind you, these are kids who are being raised in the age of technology- every one of those boys had a phone or an iPad in camp. Yet, they were all hopping around the rocks by the creek (not unlike the frogs) like the very image of Spring: fresh, free, full of joy.

I was suddenly and overwhelmingly grateful that I’d stepped away from my yard and my expectations of a serious day spent in nature— there it was, right in front of me in the form of a handful of little, green frogs and a whole lot of laughter.

Wasn’t I lucky to have that afternoon?

This March, I hope you find some luck of your own in suddenly having Spring thrust upon you when you least expect it. It is the month of green popping up all over, of leprechauns on greeting cards… but it is also a month of little, green frogs and the joy of youth laughing at a creek and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Best of luck to you!

Your Real Estate Consultant For Life

P.S.  Thanks for letting us reminisce! we’d love to continue the conversation with you, or you can connect us with any other friend who you think might enjoy a happy story by dropping a line to: info@dolcerealestate.ca or just have them call me at (587) 229-7108


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