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7 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Home This Spring:Summer

7 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Home This Spring/Summer

7 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Home This Spring/Summer

With spring in the air more people will be hopping on the market so how do you make your home stand out? Here is a list of 7 things you should do to get your home ready to sell in Calgary this spring.

TIP 1 – Declutter

Marie Kondo your home! Get your Spring cleaning done early. Start by taking inventory of all the items in your home. The majority of us have a tendency to collect things as the months go on. Removing any clutter from both outside and inside your home will leave you and your home feeling lighter. Less is more when it comes to selling your home, just think about how large your rooms looked before you moved all your stuff in.


Spring Summer Selling Tip One - Clean The YardTIP  2 – Freshen up the yard

The Spring melt can leave you with some hidden gems in your yard, from leaves, litter and your pooches little “gifts”. The front of your home will be the first impression a potential buyer will have, it’s important to have it present as clean and as inviting as possible. You don’t have to buy out Lowes floral department either, simple is best. An extravagant arrangement may scare away the buyers that have a complicated relationship with greenery, and the green thumbs will see a simple landscape as a blank canvas for their magic touch.


TIP 3 – Refresh the paint

Refresh your walls. Even the most cleanly homes can fall victim to the occasional fingerprints and scuff marks. You can take it upon yourself to clean these up, just make sure you’re using a paint friendly wash as you can actually wipe off the paint or leave visible streak marks that show up in the sunlight. Alternatively, you could add a fresh coat of paint to really make the home seem new. Another little thing that is often overlooked, but buyers will notice, is light switches. These little things get a lot of manhandling and over time it can start to show. Give all your light switches a quick wipe down.


TIP 4 – Find A Realtor to represent you

You probably wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer and you shouldn’t buy a home without a realtor. Using a licensed Realtor gives you the security you need to know things are getting done right and being done in your best interest. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a Realtor is obligated to work in everyone’s best interests. A Realtor only works for the party that is under contract with them. Therefore, when you go into an Open House, for example, that Realtor is working in their client’s best interest, not yours. They know exactly what to ask you to get a step up during negotiations should you decide to put in an offer. When you use a Realtor you have access to all their market knowledge, strategies, and negotiation skills.

That being said you shouldn’t just choose the first Realtor that shakes your hand on the street. Interview your prospective Realtor. A good Realtor will be the one that you like the best and one that also has a proven track record of success. Ask your realtor these questions:

  • How many homes they’ve sold – This tells you how much success they’ve had for their clients.
  • Are they a Realtor full-time? – This tells you if you will be first priority or not.
  • How long they’ve been a Realtor – This tells you how much experience they have. Realtors that do well for their clients will have a lot more time in the business and you’ll have a lot more knowledge on your side.
  • How they will market your home – Not all Realtors do it the same. You want to make sure your home will get the most professional exposure it can.
  • If they’re licensed – A licensed Realtor is dedicated to the ethics of the license.

From there you should be able to just decide if they’re a good fit.

We’re happy to perform a free home evaluation and listing presentation for your home. Schedule an appointment.


TIP 5 – Let there be light

Let there be light! Nothing puts a home on showcase quite like good lighting. Take a quick walk around your home and make sure all the lightbulbs are working. Before a showing we tell our clients to open all the blinds they’re comfortable opening and if possible turn on all of the lights. This just ensures that any buyers coming through will see absolutely every sparkling detail you’re home has to offer and the abundance of light it provides. You could also consider buying smart lights so that you could turn them all on and off remotely if you get a showing while away.


TIP 6 – Arrange a pet sitter

Arranging a pet sitter before listing will prevent you from scrambling to get your pets out of your home for a showing. It’s hard to believe but some buyers are not as excited by our furry friends greeting them at the door.

It’s customary at Dolce to request a few hour’s notice for any showings booked on homes that house a furry friend. This will give you or your designated pet sitter some time to pick up your pal. Sometimes it can’t be arranged in time for some showings, in these cases, we ask our clients to notify us so we can tell the showing Realtor to expect the greeting.


TIP 7 – Get Your Fridge Ready

Fridge fetishes are real. Approximately 90% of buyers will open the fridge of the home they’re viewing. We never really been able to pinpoint if it’s a matter of analyzing the dietary habits of the current homeowners or if people are just really concerned about how their broccoli will look in those drawers. Ultimately, it’s really important to give your fridge in a very good cleaning before listing. Make that thing smell fresh and bring on the fridge fettishers offers.

If you’ve been thinking about a move this Spring give us a shout. We can direct you on where to start and answer any questions.

Happy Moving!

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