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10 Activities for Adults & Kids During Home Isolation

Running out of quarantine activities to do during this lockdown, or need something to keep the kids busy so you can get some work done while working from home? Here’s a list of quarantine activities we Calgarians can use to entertain ourselves, keep our kids busy, and maybe even have a laugh or two!

Let us know which you try!


 1. The giveaway!

It’s not too late to showcase your God-given (or forgotten) talent!


Who knows, Simon Cowell may see this one day and sign you. 😉 All entries enter our give-away draw and each video adds $1 to our donation to the Calgary Women Shelter!


We CHALLENGE you to get your dance on by making the 𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧 𝗧𝗜𝗞𝗧𝗢𝗞 𝗗𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗘 you can make.


THE DETAILS: Make a TIKTOK, share it with us via Instagram (@dolcerealestategroup) as a story or a post Tag us @dolcerealestategroup so that we get your entry and #TikTok4aCauseYYC


THE CAUSE: For each entry submitted we’ll add $1 to a bucket that will go to the Calgary Woman’s Shelter at the end of the month. (Up to $500).


THE GIVEAWAY: Each of your entires gets put into a draw for a $50 gift card to either Safeway if you’re using this time to kick your cooking up a notch, or Skip the Dishes / Doordash if you have been dealing with the chaos of a full house. We’ll be choosing 2 winners! The draw will be made on June 2.


 2. The Power Hour to Get Your Work Done Disguised as a Talent Show 


Here’s a work from home hack to keep rambunctious kids busy while you work. Host a talent show! Give your kids a set amount of time to practice their skill (ex. a dance routine, a song, a comedy skit, or a magic show). This allotted time is the designated “practice period” where Mom and Dad are not allowed to see the routines in preparation – aka it’s your work time.

At the end of the time frame (and after all your work is done and the kids are prepped) the show begins.

Make some popcorn, relax knowing you got your tasks done, and enjoy the show!


3. The Grateful Jar

It can be hard to find the silver lining in this all, but here’s an activity that can help the entire family see the positives. Have everyone list 10-30 things they’re grateful for. Put each ticket in a gratitude jar. Each day pull out one or two tickets and put them on showcase where everyone will see it. Tack it to a note board or write it on a chalkboard, whatever you have available, just make it seen. This is as much for your littles as it is for you. It’s a nice reminder that we have a lot to be grateful for and kids have a unique way of reminding us about how special the small things can be. 

To get some more of your own work time in have the kids draw a picture of the message on the ticket each day. You can utilize this art time to get some of your work done. 


Once the jar is empty have the kids create a scrapbook of the tickets and the drawings. This can double as a fun memory down the road of this hectic time and all the positives you pulled out during it.


 4. The Journal for Memories

If your kids are old enough to write and they enjoy it then have them journal daily or write short a story. There’s nothing quite as hilarious as reading old journal entries and stories. No matter how old you felt when you wrote them, they’re always fun to go back and read down the road.

Plus, this moment will be a huge mark in history that will be talked about for years. You could potentially turn the journal entries into a book to keep forever. Have the younger kids draw pictures if journalling is not an option.


5. The Save Your Sanity “Challenge”

Create a family challenge that’s more for your sanity as a parent. We know that after a few weeks of isolation some words become a lot more common, like “bored” for instance. To save yourself from plucking out your eyeballs, turn this into a challenge. Choose a word to ban, but call it a challenge to make it feel more fun. If anyone in the house says this word, then you all have to do 10 burpees or a challenging move of choice that no one wants to do too often.

This might start fun for the kids (yay to burning off extra energy and a mini-workout) but soon enough the kids will be trying desperately to avoid the word too. Everybody gets sick of burpees after they’ve done 30 in a day.


6. The Endorphin Booster

Nothing makes you feel better than getting a good sweat in, especially when stuck at home. If you don’t have kids this is easy, just do whatever style of workout you like best using the endless database of workouts online and on Instagram.

If you have kids you have to make it a touch more interesting. Create a kids friendly HIIT Workout. For 45 seconds you have to be a starfish by doing jumping jacks. Then you rest for 15 seconds. Then for 45 seconds, you have to act like a caterpillar and do inchworms. Then you rest for 45 seconds. Every move you want to incorporate can be acting like a specific animal to make it more fun for the kids.


7. The Outdoor Energy Blaster 

 When the weathers nice it’s generally the time we head to the park, however, with them being closed that makes it kind of difficult. Instead, you can create an obstacle course outside. Use any items you have in your garage or laying around the house like hula hoops, spare tires, skipping ropes, and bikes. If you don’t have much to choose from or don’t have much space at home, you can also use sidewalk chalk to draw out an obstacle course route along the sidewalk.


8. The Time Consumer 

If you invest a little bit of time into making a challenging yet achievable scavenger hunt you could successfully score yourself at least an hour of work time. Give your kids their first clue on a piece of paper as to where they can find their next clue. With the given riddle they have to hunt for the next clue, which links them to their next clue, and so on. You can give them a set amount of “life lines” so they can only ask for help a certain amount of times, therefore they will be selective in interrupting you while you work. Call your office the “wizards lair” and call this the out of bounds area where no clues are hidden. 


At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can leave a prize for the kids to give them the incentive to keep hunting. Just make sure you hide the prize in the most difficult place to find so they don’t get to it before the games actually over.


Bonus tip: if you make the prize a gift they can utilize and spend time with it will buy you more time for yourself to get your work done. For example, water guns if the weather is nice or a craft set from amazon.  


9. To Get Out of The House

Let’s be honest after multiple weeks locked inside it’s nice sometimes to just go for a car ride. If you have young kids this can be difficult because they need to come with you. Make a family car right fun by playing a game of eye spy. 


10. For the Competitive Kids

If you have the room challenge your family to a long jump competition in the basement or anywhere you have a large carpeted area. Mark the lines with tape and see who can jump the furthest. This may seem like a very simple activity but if you have competitive children you can almost guarantee that they’re going to practice to try to beat each other the next day. Practice makes perfect and it also gives you more time to work on your tasks. 

Play to their competitive nature and measure how far their distance grows each day.


Bonus: Isolation activities for the grown-ups:

11. Host a virtual paint night! 

It’s just like a paint night, but virtual. Head over to  https://paintingparties.com/ and select the video tutorial of the painting you’d like to do. Have all your attendees buy a canvas, brushes, and paint off amazon (around $30) or from a local store if possible. (You can pick the orders up and do a door to door drop off to each attendee if they’re busy). Set everyone up on a video chat like zoom (you get unlimited time if it’s your first call), share your screen of the video tutorial and get painting! Wine and cheese is totally acceptable!


12. The Virtual Drinking Game 

Have you ever heard of Jackbox games? These games were MADE for moments like these.

Step 1. Buy a party pack for your gaming console or buy the desktop version

Step 2. Arrange a date and time with your friends

Step 3. Get the kids to bed and the fun can begin. (You can play with kids too, but let’s be honest this game mixes well with drinks)

Get every one of your guests on a video call. Start the game on the console you bought it for and have everyone head to jackbox.tv on their phones. Log into the game using the code displayed on your gaming console or desktop. Your guests can play via mobile, iPad, or computer. From here you all get prompts on how to play HILARIOUS interactive games. Think cards against humanity meets Pictionary all played through your device!


Some of the games we recommend: Quiplash, Drawful, & Tee K.O but you can check the games out on their site to see which fit your friends taste best. We highly recommend a party pack!


Have questions about these tips? Drop a comment, send us an email, or give us a call/text at 587-229-7108.

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