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How to winterize your home and make it more energy-efficient this winter.

The cold weather is moving in and that means it’s time to start the process of winterizing our homes. Winterizing also brings the opportunity to make our homes more energy efficient – a benefit for our wallet and our earth. Here are a few easy ways to winterize your home and make it more energy-efficient this winter:


1. Check your windows for leaks and insulate

Windows are usually the main culprit for heat loss and wasted energy in a home. Proper window preparation is also one of the easiest ways of preventing heat loss during the winter months. You can test a window for air leaks using the candle method. Hold a lit candle 4 to 6 inches away from the inside of your window, and slowly pass it along the frame. If you see the flame flicker or if it is extinguished then you know there is a leak. Also check for loose or cracked pains in the window, cracked caulking, and check the weather stripping between the frame and the wall. If the candle still flickers after checking and fixing the previously mentioned areas you can purchase a window insulation kit from most hardware stores. These kits typically adhere to the exterior of your window acting like saran wrap to hold the heat in.


2. Check Doors for Leaks

Similarly to how you check the windows of your home, you should also check the exterior doors for leaks. Check the frames, caulking and weatherstripping. You can review weather stripping by closing a dollar between the door and its frame if you can pull that dollar out easily then it’s time to replace the seal. You can purchase self-adhesive weatherstripping at most hardware stores and it’s fairly easy to apply.


3. Utilize your ceiling fan

Most ceiling fans have a reverse mode where they turn clockwise. This pushes the warm pools of the air near the ceiling down. An easy way to keep cozy.


4. Don’t heat unused rooms

If you have a room in your house that seldom gets used, ensure all the windows are leak-free and keep the door to the room closed along with adding a draft guard. Sometimes people opt to close or block the vent in a room they don’t use but this can make your central heater less efficient, or cause leaks elsewhere as it throws off the pressure of the system.


5. Change the furnace filter

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home is being heated efficiently is by changing the filter or ensuring it’s clean. Typically filters should be changed every 90 days for a home without pets, for a home with one dog or cat should be changed every 60 days. During the winter months when you rely on the heating system more you might want to change it out every month. A clean filter helps your heater run optimally. You can also switch to a washable filter which further reduces waste and cost.


6. Use a Thermostat Program

According to the David Suzuki organization, “For every degree you turn down the thermostat, you can save between 1.5 and 5 % of your heating bill.” Keep your temperature as low as you are comfortable with and opt to dress a bit warmer in the winter months. Utilize a thermostat programmer to turn down the temperature while you’re sleeping beneath your cozy comforter and don’t need it as high. There nothing as comforting as crawling into a warm fluffy bed on a crisp night.


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