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Virtual Christmas Ideas 2020

Virtual Christmas Ideas 

Christmas is around the corner so we’re all looking at ways to celebrate the day as normal, even if we can’t be in the same room with all our family members. We’ve put together a jam-packed list of virtual holiday activities you can do with your loved ones to make this holiday as merry as ever.


Games that require planning:

Virtual gingerbread house or gingerbread man competition

Pick up a gingerbread house from Costco or any grocery store and hold a virtual competition for the best (or worst) house. If you’re not big on houses you can opt for gingerbread men or gingerbread sweater kits instead. (We’ve seen these at Costco and Bulk Barn) Just make sure everyone is working on the same type of gingerbread.


BONUS! Want to make it extra competitive? Throw in a cash prize. All the losers transfer the winner X amount of money. This works as an alternative for the competitive family that’s not doing the usual gift-giving.


Secret Santa Twenty Questions: Guess the Gift

You’ll have to pre-plan this to make sure everyone buys and receives the gift in time, but it adds a little excitement to your virtual event. Step it up a notch by asking each person to wrap the gift they send in a deceptive way. On the virtual party night, each person will take turns holding up the gift they received and the party takes guesses at what it might be based on the shape, size, and sounds it makes. Make it a 20 questions game; each person gets to ask the gift giver 3 questions to figure out what the gift might be. (The gift giver does not guess). 

BONUS! Drinking edition: whoever is the furthest off from their real gift takes a drink. 

Puzzle Race

Find an affordable smallish puzzle and send or deliver it to everyone’s homes. On the virtual event night, set a timer and race to finish. See who gets the furthest in the time and who should slow down on the drinks. 

 BONUS! Make it competitive with a cash prize. All the losers transfer the winner X amount of money. 



Games with no prep needed: 

Virtual balderdash  

Balderdash is a hilarious party game that can conveniently work as a virtual game. The premise of the game is to make up an answer/definition to the term on the playing card and to have people believe that your answer is the correct one. Visual learner? Watch this video explanation: of Balderdash. The true answers are often so absurd that the crazier you make your fake answer the better, and so the hilarity ensues. 

To make this game work virtually you will have to pick a card reader (the person that owns the game) to manage the cards and host the game since you cannot pass around the cards virtually. Have all the party guests text their answers to the card reader or anonymous message on your virtual call platform. (You can allow anonymous messages in a Google hangout )


Drink or Jump Banned Word Game

Ask every guest to come up with one or two words that are on the Drink or Jump list. If anyone says any of these words throughout your virtual call they must either take a drink or perform a dare if you’re holding an alcohol-free event (ex. jumping jacks, pushups, or think up something more humorous).



Another easy game to play virtually! You can use this online Pictionary game to create your own game room for your party or you can use this Pictionary word generator to create words to draw right on your virtual call. If you choose the latter you’ll just need to angle the camera so your party members can see your drawing.


Mad Libs

Play a game of Mad Libs by printing one of the many free templates online, using the mobile app, or order an adult version of the mad libs books online


UP THE ANTE: by playing this after a few drinks in. If anyone smiles or laughs they have to drink, add a dollar to a lottery pool, or do a dare.


 What are you planning for your holiday season? If you have any ideas to add to our list let us know!


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